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Limited Edition Concrete Stylus

Limited Edition Concrete Stylus

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We've partnered with 22STUDIO to produce a limited edition, limited-run concrete stylus. The stylus has 7 sides. The number 7 represents a special digit, particularly associated with luck and circulation.

Comprised of real concrete, this special stylus will form to your hand the more you use it, and the tip never needs to be replaced.

  • The only CONCRETE stylus in the world!
  • 100% handmade.
  • It's shorter and heavier than the traditional stylus making it easy to carry and more comfortable to write.
  • A work of art only 200 have been made. Once they're gone, they're gone

**We consider this similar to a ballpoint pen - there is no eraser on our Concrete Stylus**

light concrete & dark concrete sold out NEW colors - Teal and Terracotta

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Sherry Exley
Nice Stylus, but ...

Works beautifully on my Wave Color, but it could stand to be as long as the regular stylus and it would be awesome if there was an option for a thicker version. Some of us have larger hands and trying to write notes for several hours with such a thin device really cramps my hand. It even starts to bother my carpel tunnel and my fingers start to go a little numb.
But it's just a suggestion.

Tim Whiteway
Quality stylus with minor shortcomings

Love the feel weight, color, and durability of tip. Again I’m a little disappointed in sensitivity or adjustment because for using the pencil brush on my Mobiscribe wave I have to press quite a bit harder than the factory supplied stylus. Not what I expected but that being said the stylus is great with the pen brush.

Omar Villalobos
Pen point

The quality of the pen point cover is too low, it broke.

Simon Elam
Pretty good, but a little disappointing

I like the weight and feel of this pen, but the edges are already starting to get a little worn after about a week of use. It also doesn't have a eraser end like the standard Mobiscribe stylus. However, I like how the tip doesn't need to be replaced. Overall, it looks, feels, and writes great, just wish it was a bit more durable.

Phillip Coatney
Small but mighty

Great pen! Don’t drop it! 🤪