A Quick Look at the New MobiScribe WAVE Features

Keep Your Ideas Flowing with
MobiScribe Wave

The New MobiScribe WAVE is IPX7 Waterproof Certified.

Better than paper or conventional tablets, this device works everywhere you want to go, and no more worrying if you spill your drink while taking notes.

Bluetooth Enabled

Now you can pair any other device that uses Bluetooth. Such as keyboards, speakers, headphones, and more!

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Built in Internal Speaker

Play a podcast, listen to audiobooks or receive calendar alarms with the new internal built-in speaker.

Layers in Notes

Now you can add layers to your notes. Layers help you organize your notes or add depth to your drawings.

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More Space to Write

MobiScribe Wave is the ultimate portable digital notebook for anyone who loves to take notes and draw while out and about. The MobiScribe Wave has increased the size by 1 inch, giving you more space to write and draw!

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Convert Handwriting to Text

Not all of us have perfect handwriting. MobiScribe will transcribe your handwritten notes to text so you can confidently share your ideas. Another reason to use the most powerful E-Ink notepad anytime, anywhere.

• Supports cursive and print characters
• Share your notes via email or dropbox

Search Handwritten Notes

Find your winning ideas by searching your handwritten notes. Search by keywords. Everything is at your fingertips. All in your handwriting. Handwritten notes are now easy to search and sort.

Upgraded Calendar

You can now add events with reminders to your daily schedule, so you'll never miss an important date again.

New & Improved Template Options

We've added even more ways to customize the way each note is set up! When creating a new notebook, you can choose a custom cover and even a template for the pages.

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Optimize & Organize Your Notes

Leave all creative clutter behind with MobiScribe. Notes can be saved, organized, and renamed with the folder management system.

Access Your Files with Ease

Use the MobiScribe WAVE to access the documents you need, no matter where they're stored. Dropbox and MobiCloud are supported through the MobiScribe WAVE, so you can get to your files in seconds.

Add Color to Your Life

The WAVE comes in a fun new color—blue! This color reminds you that the WAVE is water safe, so you can take it to the pool or beach without worrying about damaging your device.


MobiScribe Origin

Launched in 2021, a 6.8-inch device with ORC to convert your handwriting to text and allows you to easily search your notes!

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MobiScribe WAVE Black & White

Our newest launch, a 7.8-inch device, has everything the Origin has, plus it is waterproof, Bluetooth enabled, and has speakers and layers in the notes app!

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MobiScribe WAVE - Color

This version of the WAVE is also 7.8 inches and has the addition of a color screen! It has everything the Origin has but is also waterproof, Bluetooth enabled, has speakers and has the upgraded notes app with layers!

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