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Review on MobiScribe WAVE Color

Highly disappointed it did not come with an owners manual or the ability to download one online. I have an expensive tool that I cannot utilize the majority of the features.

Great cover

fits my needs perfectly!

I love my mobiscribe. I use it to take notes at work and keep track of meetings and appointments. I love that I can edit pdfs, so I can download any worksheets from therapy appointments and complete worksheets on the go. the battery life is great. i can use my mobiscribe origin to doodle, though the pen options are limited with the default Notes app. absolutely wonderful multi-use device!

MobiScribe WAVE - Color
Benjamin Robertson
Absolutely in Love ❤️

It's everything I love about my mobiscribe, but now it's color and sound. I've been waiting to start several graphic novels and mangas just so I could read them in color on this device and I'm so happy I did! The colors are beautiful. Everything looks like watercolor and or colored pencils, it's so fun to write color coded notes and draw, and the calendar function is so useful. I'm so happy I upgraded to the Color. It's literally one of my favorite things I own. Love it so much, I even ordered a custom case for it.

Great device

This is my happiest purchase in quite some time. It's a good price and easy to set up and easy to use. Most excellent.

Upgrade from the Origin - with tighter code will be fast and fun

This is a very nice tablet. I’ve owned the last major model (Origin) for years and loved the upgrades, quality, and functionality. This one has potential to exceed the last generation’s capabilities by leaps and bounds.

One downside - the loss of the simple pinhole reset and microSD slot. Both could have been included behind a rubber gasket. That said, this one supports USBC and many external devices that make up for the loss of the SD slot. Plug in a USBC SS card reader and it’s instantly accessible for extra storage and backups.

The current OS is a bit sluggish - even next to my old Mobiscribe device, this one feels slow using the Lock Screen or most other functions other than writing and drawing.

Another bonus: support for more than just 2.4Ghz WiFi! Hooray!

Colors are quite nice but the refresh mode needs work. There is a lot of ghosting that requires manual refreshing to remove.

I expect the team will supply updates regularly and fix the sluggishness.

Glad to have my cover!

The cover is nice and I love the holder for the stylus pen. Glad to finally have a proper cover for my Wave!

Great value, but needs some work

I am not a fan of the adhesive method as it means I can never take the device out of the case. But the case does provide great protection while also being comfy in the hands.

Small but mighty

Great pen! Don’t drop it! 🤪

Sleep Mode/Low Battery Life

I was so excited for this as a simpler way for me to keep track of all my notes at work. Since I’ve had it a little over a week now, some things work really nicely but others are so frustrating. Twice it’s gotten stuck for upwards of 10 mins in the sleep mode screen when I’m trying to use it. I have no idea how to resolve it other than pressing the power button continuously which magically works after pressing it/holding it down over and over. The battery life is also not nearly as long as I was hoping. Overall I was really excited for this but am disappointed for sure.

Nice idea, needs work

I am looking for a device to free me from the many pads of lined paper I use for notetaking and brainstorming on my several projects. The Mobiscribe Wave was available at a good price. I liked that it is based on Android and so in theory can run a wide range of software, such as Dropbox and Kindle Reader. The Wave will create “notebooks,” which are a series of pages on which the user can take handwritten notes using the included stylus. The writing process is usually quite similar to writing with a pen or pencil on paper with only occasional glitches, such as a lag (rare) or a sudden closing of the file (when you bump the wrong button on the toolbar). The Wave will convert handwriting, even mine, into typeface with remarkable accuracy. That can be saved as a pdf. I can see a potential value of that, which is one reason I bought the device, but the converted text comes out as typewritten words strewn across the page in some way that is superficially similar to how the handwritten words were distributed in space. There doesn’t seem to be any way to organize the typed words in the hierarchy that I was creating in writing. I tend to use bulleted lists and so forth, but they don’t seem to translate well.
The notes themselves are very much like the pencil on paper notes that I have taken for many years. The plus is that I can carry a gazillion pages with me in this one device, saving old notes in the cloud.
What I don’t like: The device is too small. I barely start with my notes and the page is full. I can start a new page, which takes just moments longer than flipping a physical page on a pad of paper, but I’m doing it too often. I don’t (yet) have the rhythm of flipping back and forth to review things. Also, the device times out fairly quickly. To wake it back up, I have to push a tiny button on the top edge, which takes just long enough for me potentially to lose my train of thought. Simply tapping the screen does not seem to work. I have no idea how to change the time out period because...
There is no users manual! This is a serious problem as I don’t even know what many of the icons represent. For example, at one point, a vertical toolbar switched from the default left side of the pad to the right—a much better place for a lefty like me. But I have no idea how to make that happen at will.
I wrote to tech support—to ask about a manual—and received a reply in a day or so. There is apparently a Facebook users group. Seriously, Facebook??? What is this 2013? The quality of advice from that group might be excellent, but I’m not going to create a Facebook account just to check it out. The user interface is not sufficiently intuitive so that a manual isn’t needed.
It seems you have to buy this directly from MobiScribe, so no next day delivery from Amazon, and no generous Amazon return policy. I tried it for a day or so with no cover—that would be a good way to lose the stylus. The cover is available as a separate order from MobiScribe. The cover looks and feels nice. It does have a sleep and wake function and it stores the stylus. I haven’t seen any third-party covers.
I am forcing myself to continue taking notes on the Wave in the hope that it will become smoother and that I will eventually realize some of he advantages of e-notes. But I feel like this device is not yet a valid replacement for paper and pencil.
Oh-by the way-you can use it as an e-reader using the Android version of the e-reader apps. But why would I do that? A standard tablet is brighter, easier to use, and faster.

Doesn’t quite live up to the promise

The device (or at least the idea of the device) has great potential. However this device isn’t quite there. The screen isn’t as responsive as my kindle or even my nook with fingers (the pen is much better). It has ghosting problems unlike any eink device I’ve ever had.

My goal was to have both of my ebook libraries on one device (kindle & nook). And I can do that. But navigating the books is clunky compared to the dedicated devices. And the screen isn’t as nice to look at as them. So this won’t be a primary reading device as I hoped. It just doesn’t have the capability for that.

It doesn’t help that they shipped it without the case (and cases are non-existent elsewhere.

I wouldn’t recommend this device.

Delivery issues, still waiting

Delivery tracking is only available until the 3rd party location which is located in the US (international shipping ), after that there is no where you can track your package to see the progress of the shipment, no ETA, nothing.Still waiting for the package. I will definitely reflect this issue on my social media page.

Incredible value

The software is a bit rough around the edges, but for the price this is the best value e-ink reader/note taking device on the market right now. Very much recommend it if you're on the fence.

Verry happy

I'm verry happy with the wave. Exept the switch app icon. Wich is not available in the note app

Case is great

I was worried about the case from the reviews, but it’s perfect. It holds the pen, stays closed and I carry in my purse or laptop bag with other items and it’s holding up fine. It seems to do what it was intended for!

Great purchase!

I love the writing feel, ability to keep multiple notebooks or to-do. I can carry it everywhere for all my journaling and note taking needs!


I have been a Mobiscribe fan since the very first model and have also purchased the Origin as well. The Wave is a disappointment because it seems to be of a lower quality product than the Origin. There are numerous functions and features that were do-able with the Origin that is now lacking on the Wave. With the Origin, I am able to plug it into my computer and transfer files directly to the device; the Wave does not seem to allow that. Unlike the Origin, the Wave does not allow us to choose our own images for the sleep or off screen. My biggest gripe with the Wave is how parts of my template are hidden under the top and side menu bars. Sure, I can expand it to full screen but then lose all the functional options from the menu bars. Using the same template, this does not happen with the Origin. With the Origin, the full template image is presented within the frame, not being covered up by the top and side menus. I am also disappointed that I cannot get the Google Play Store on either device. Besides the water resistant and bigger size of the Wave, I had expected it to be more advanced than the Origin but that does not seem to be the case. Unless, there are things I am unaware of…if that’s the case, please direct me to any additional information available.

Love the device but needs software update

I really like the hardware but the software needs to be updated. My Origin is still more productive because of its ability to connect with MS Office apps via Google Play Store. Also battery life could be better. For the price though a good deal.

Fast delivery, missing item

I got the parcel delivered within a week of ordering, and it came from within EU so no customs fees. Although it's refurbished, it looks great and works like it too. However, I found that the cover that was supposed to be included was missing. I notified MobiScribe support, and they were kind enough to ship it to me free of charge. Unfortunately, it was sent from the US and I had to pay just under 5 € of customs fees, whereas if I got it straight away in my first delivered parcel, I would not have had to pay these extra 5 €. All in all, I am satisfied with the main product and the service I got, not so much with the cover though, since it looks a little bent on the corners, but that seems to be an issue for many buyers.

Worth Every Penny

I came VERY close to purchasing the Amazon Kindle Scribe for nearly $500. I was just about to hit the last button when I decided to watch some review videos. I had hoped Amazon resolved some of the issues I noticed the month before, but they hadn't. I decided not to purchase it.

A few hours later, I saw an IG ad for MobiScribe. I recognized the brand from its previous days on Amazon and decided to look into them. I ordered mine and got it faster than they said I would. I have been in love with it ever since. I have twice the features for a fraction of the cost of a Kindle Scribe, and I still get the reader + the writing in one. It is a little laggy, but I suspect the developers will resolve that in upcoming updates.


I really love this device, especially with the google play update. I wish it supported the notion app! Of course it came out after android 8... I love this device but I think the hardware specs could really use a bit more power at times. Those are my only two issues. It is a real pleasure to use.

Loving it...

I bought the Mibiscribe original. I absolutely love it. Being and eReader and writer lover, this device is perfect.

Very poor multilanguage experience, very poor customer support experience

I bought this product 14 days ago and I’m still trying to make it work properly, as its features promise.
I can’t change the language of an external keyboard, because the system stops working and shows the message “settings has stopped working”.
I’ve contacted support many times and sent videos of the problem it takes two days to come back with some general answer like reset the device or try to reset it to factory settings (and it’s just out of the box).
After several emails and days of waiting they have told me that “probably the device has problems to change the language of an external keyboard”.
But they don’t offer any kind of solution and appeal to my kindness and patience.
I’m asking for a proper solution or a complete refund and still waiting for an answer.

Have had some issues, no response from service team

Hello, I have had a few software issues that I sent your service team but have not heard a response back.
1) The mobiscribe reader is not working, it is stuck on the first page of books and only allow writing and no other selection. Kindle works fine, but the embedded eReader is non-functional right now.
2) My mobiscribe does not respond to finger touch which I believe it is supposed to, it only responds to the stencil

Both of these issues are pretty large software deficiencies that probably warrant me sending the device back. Otherwise it has worked fine as a note taker and through the kindle app, although I would have preferred the stencil be magnetic.