7 Reasons to Buy the WAVE E-ink Notebook

1. Unlimited notebooks

MobiScribe WAVE lets you keep unlimited notebooks on your WAVE e-ink digital notebook. You can have one notebook for each class and another for general notes. You can also keep a notebook for each project or each client. There is no limit to the notebooks you can keep on the WAVE e-ink digital notebook. You can also create new notebooks as you need new places to keep your thoughts and ideas.



2. Converts handwriting to text

If you like to write notes by hand, the WAVE e-ink digital notebook can help you digitize your handwriting for sharing and viewing later. You can convert your handwriting to text with the click of a button. This is useful for students and professionals alike.

Converting Handwriting



If you have written hundreds of pages into your WAVE e-ink digital notebook, you don’t have to scroll through all pages to find what you’re looking for. The WAVE e-ink digital notebook lets you easily search for any note or to-do items. Simply search by typing the keyword, and you will see all results.



4. Connectivity

The WAVE digital notebook is compatible with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. You can connect the notebook to a computer or phone to save and access your notes from anywhere. You can also send your notes to your WAVE e-ink digital notebook without connecting to a computer via MobiCloud. If handwriting isn't your thing, you can also connect a keyboard to type notes or connect earbuds to listen to podcasts while you work!

Connect to Bluetooth



5. Portable

The WAVE digital notebook is lightweight and portable. It is easy to bring with you and is a convenient companion when you’re on the move. The WAVE digital notebook is even waterproof so it can go anywhere you go.




6. Save your eyes

The MobiScribe WAVE e-ink digital notebook has an eye-friendly glare-free screen that helps you protect your eyes when reading or writing. Since the WAVE is an e-ink device, it does not have the typical blue light that is found with other tablets. You can adjust the screen light contrast, temperature, and brightness until it is perfect for your situation.



7. You will help the planet by saving paper

The MobiScribe WAVE e-ink digital notebook is an environmentally friendly gadget! Capture your ideas and thoughts digitally in your own handwriting instead of wasting countless paper notebooks and sticky notes. Keep everything in one place on one compact device. MobiScribe even donates to One Tree Planted for every device that is purchased. Recycle those old notebooks, get the WAVE today, and start doing your part to save our beautiful planet!

save earth



MobiScribe’s WAVE e-ink notebook lets you capture and organize all your thoughts, ideas, and to-dos, in one portable and waterproof device. The WAVE is perfect for writers, readers, and doodlers alike. It lets you quickly jot your thoughts and ideas on e-ink paper, convert handwriting to text, and easily search your notes.