11 New Year's Resolution Ideas To Try for 2021

11 New Year's Resolution Ideas To Try for 2021

2021 is a New Year with many new opportunities to advance our personal and professional lives. Here is a shortlist of New Year's Resolution ideas that will make 2021 a more productive and enjoyable year :-)


Start a New Career

If you've had dreams of starting your own business, maybe 2021 is the year for you to do it? There is nothing better than starting a new career or business adventure than at the start of a New Year, for the vibe is fresh and the New Year abounds with limitless potential and life advancement.


Invest In Education

The best investment is YOU, and investing in your education is money well spent. So, no matter if you are looking to get a higher college degree, get another degree in a different major, or wanting to get to a trade school and learn to be a world-class chef, the sky is the limit on what you can do with additional education and new skill sets.


Read More

Many today don't read as much as they should. Reading books is a time honored way to self learn and be entertained without streaming a movie or TV show. 2021 can be the year for you to read some classic literature such as Shakespeare or works by Herman Melville. Or, reading some self-help books would allow you to get the most out of 2021. BTW: the new MobiScribe Origin can store thousands of ebooks, and its advanced eInk screen gives a paper-like feel and is better at reducing eye glare/strain no matter the lighting conditions.


Take Care of Yourself

We can all easily get super busy with work and school, for example, and the busier we get, the less attention we devote to our physical and mental wellbeing. Make it a point for 2021 to take some time and check-in with yourself during the week to better manage everyday stresses and anxiety. If you own a MobiScribe e-notepad you can easily set calendar reminders during the week to take some time out and do a self-checkup to keep you humming along at full capacity.


Start A Journal

The start of a New Year is a great time to start a journal. A journal is a great way to formulate your ideas and thoughts, and free-writing is an effective way to enhance one's creativity. The MobiScribe eInk e-notepads are excellent for journal writing. You can easily catalog and save your journal entries for easy retrieval at a later date.


Use a Planner

Do more in the New Year with the aid of a planner, and the MobiScribe e-notepad series are a fantastic tool to do that. Easily plan your weeks and months in advance, set personal and business goals, stay optimally organized, and stay on schedule for your most important meetings and occasions.


Create A Budget

Many of us could improve our spending habits. A New Year is the best time to commit to a budget. Allocate more money to pay off some bills and less money on leisure items and activities. Also, budget to save more each month for a rainy day. A MobiScribe Origin e-notepad is a great way to start and get your budgeting ideas centralized for the New Year.


Be Happy

Many of us start a New Year with one or more resolutions. The one resolution you should always try to keep no matter what is a resolution to be happy as much as possible. A positive, happy mindset will reduce fatigue, stress, and illness. Remember, it takes more energy to frown than to smile.

Note: as we (the MobiScribe team) head into a new year, we are super happy over our supportive customers. You make us :-)


Support Small Business

2020 has been a rough year for many businesses, especially small, locally-owned shops and restaurants. In the coming New Year, make it a priority to shop at as many locally-owned small businesses as you can, because 2021 will be a crucial year for them. Small "mom & pop" businesses are not only vital for a neighborhood's quality of life, but they also add charm, character, and a diversification that the big box corporate-owned stores don't have. Moreover, small businesses are an integral part of our communities, and a New Year's resolution to reaffirm our commitment to supporting them benefits all of us.


Think Green

Environmental sustainability is paramount, and individually, we play a part to improve Earth's environment. As another New Year dawns, the importance of "thinking green" increases due to the escalation of climate change and pollution. Making a New Year's resolution to reduce purchasing products in plastic containers and purchasing more recycled products is a great way to start in 2021. Furthermore, usage of the MobiScribe eInk e-notepads improves the environment by reducing the reliance on paper products manufactured from trees. In addition, MobiScribe has partnered with One Tree Planted (a reforestation organization), so every time a MobiScribe is sold, a tree will be planted. In 2020, over 5,000 trees were planted, and in 2021 we project to plant many more trees with the support of our awesome customers.


Get a MobiScribe Origin

If you haven't done so yet, consider getting the new MobiScribe Origin that comes packed with many new features that make the hustle and bustle of daily life easier and better organized with writing to text conversion, instant sharing of projects with team members, Cloud storage and many other enhancements that will make the MobiScribe Origin your primary go-to device.

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